Jay's Academically Unrelenting & Notably Thoughtful Students

JAUNTS@USC is a group of researchers led by Prof. Jay Pujara working on techniques for understanding massive amount of unstructured data and guiding machines with structured knowledge to develop intelligent systems that can demonstrate the deep understanding of the world.

Research Keywords: Knowledge Graph, Dialogue, Natural Language Processing, Table Understanding, Commonsense Reasoning


  • 10/2023: JAUNTS lab has 3 papers (main conference) accepted at EMNLP 2023, with topics about temporal knowledge graph & in-context learning, data creation using LLM, and norm violation detection in live-streaming chat.
  • 05/2023: JAUNTS lab has 2 papers (poster, system demonstration) accepted at ACL 2023, with topics about theory-of-minds and explanation-based model debugging.
  • 10/2022: JAUNTS lab has 1 long paper (dialogue) accepted at EMNLP 2022.
  • 02/2022: JAUNTS lab has 3 long papers accepted at ACL 2022 and 1 short paper accepted at SIGIR 2022, with topics spanning over common-grounded dialogues, information extraction, visual language, and knowledge graphs.